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Newsletter from 1-11-98
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1-11-98 { Layoffs, 3rd Parties, SaturnWorld Comments, News, and more... }

Hello All!

First off I just wanted to clarify a small mistake in last weeks update: I stated that two games by Electronic Arts were not out, FIFA '98 and NBA Live '98. However, both games came out in mid December and I even had them on the 'Now Available' list. Sorry about that...speaking of EA, last week the company announced that they have no more plans to release any titles for the Saturn. With a similar announcement last week, Fox Interactive also stated that they would discontinue all Saturn efforts with the new year.

Early this week, Sega of America laid off about 1/3 of their work force. Cuts were made through several departments at SoA including marketing, public relations, and development. Unfortunately Bernie Stolar is still in the press release he did confirm that SoA has no plans on releasing Sega's next console this year, but instead they will wait until 1999. Sega of Europe also announced that Sega's next console will not be out there until 1999. With the same announcement SoE also commented on rumors of Grandia's release in the UK...Folks in Japan can look forward to a probable late '98 release of the next console. As always, see the news area for full details on these stories.

On another note SaturnWorld, an IGN site, recently has caused an uproar due to very unprofessional remarks they made in response to some reader letters. I have since posted copies of the offending articles and wrote a short editorial on the matter. You will also find this in the News area.

There were no new releases in the past week, here in the US or abroad. A whole bunch of titles are expected this week as distributors get back up to speed after the winter vacation. Results from Poll number 10 are also online so take a look at what other readers had to say...

Last week I put some new FAQs and guides in the codes area for Sonic R, Shining The Holy Ark, and Enemy Zero. The Enemy Zero article is a guide and it also includes maps for the game. Just forgot to mention this in the previous update.

Other than the above, its been a quiet cya!


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