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Newsletter from 12-14-97
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New Reviews, Releases, Snapshots, etc.

Hi all,

In the past week, I've made several updates to the site. Before I get to the news, here's a quick summary of what's new at dEX. First off, there are two new reviews online, one for Cotton 2 and Sky Target. In summary, Cotton 2 is great and Sky Target is just an expensive coaster...New games out this week in the US include Bust A Move 3, and Street Fighter 2 collection. There's a review of the latter title on the site if you are interested. In the Snapshots area I've added pics from Steep Slope Sliders (more on this later), and links to some videos from Winter Heat and Cotton 2. SoA still remains quiet to questions about Winter Heat in the US. Lucky Japanese and Europeans will get a hold of the Saturn version this February.

As for Steep Slope Sliders, there is a question as to whether its out in the US or not. Sega's website lists it as 'recently released' while stores seem to not know of the titles existence (ex. It has never been on EBs release list.) However, due to how most chain stores treat the Saturn, it is probable that the game has shipped or will ship very soon. It sounds to me that the SoA management needs serious shake up in all areas (which is rumored to be on its way soon as Mr. Stolar's contract soon ends.)

In other US news, Target stores are dropping the Saturn and all other Sega products. Stores are supposed to have their stock cleared February. Another disappointing loss for SoA, however there are some good deals now on games etc so you may want to take a look around if any of these stores are near you.

Last week, I mentioned a release from Japan called, Nanatsu Kaze. This game is the first title from Enix for the Saturn. The basic style of the game is an adventure game similar to older Lucas Arts and Sierra PC games. In the game, you control a green dragon that walks erect. As you explore the land, you will encounter many interesting and unique characters. They, along with the rest of the game are beautifully drawn and animated. As a great bonus, Enix includes a second CD which is filled with tons of images of the different characters and places you encounter during the game. The images are all in 640x480 BMP format so they can be easily used as wallpaper on a PC. I think I may have a magazine somewhere with a bunch of pics from the game. If I find it, I'll try to get some scans online.

Other new imports from Japan this week include Princess Crown (RPG/Atlus), Bomberman Fight (Hudson), and Sega's Shining Force III. Speaking of SFIII, Sega of US still has not mentioned a US release. Nor have they spoken about Grandia coming here. Also, Grandia should be out by the end of the week in Japan. Those with demo discs have already been raving about the graphics and the usual attention to detail present in GameArts' titles.

Now to Europe. You guys are certainly doing great. As Sega Europe continues to sign games that gamers have been demanding. Now they have signed for a release of X-men vs. Street Fighter (with the 4meg cart) for a February or March Release. They also plan on releasing Shining Force 3 and Panzer Dragoon Saga in the first half of next year. Also, don't forget AM3's Winter Heat, this game is coming in February.

One more thing, during the last week, there was an interview with Steve Hutchings from SoA. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it but I have gotten a copy of the logs from the chat. I'll get those online once I edit them. For now, here are a few quotes:

<Chaotix> Do most people at SOA despise Bernie Stolar as much as everyone else?
<Hutch> No..but he does have a rep. if you know what I mean..tough but usually fair I would say

<azzykat> k, Does tom kalinske still work at sega? What does he do? Can he be president again? I want him back :P No, he is long gone...
<Hutch> Next year may be different...vauge hint

Other tidbits, Hutchins hinted that Grandia may be coming to the US...its release here is more likeky than that of Shining Force III.

That's all for this week, cya!


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