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Newsletter from 12-07-97
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Several new games out, Updated Release Dates, Shining Force 3, and more...

Hi all,

Don't have much time while I am writing this so I'll just give the highlights of the past week...

In the US, one new game shipped this week, Quake. The game is most excellent only hampered by the lack of multiplayer abilities which Quake was designed around. See last week's newsletter (11/30) for more details on Quake for the Saturn. Also on the site, I've updated the release dates area to cover this month through February.

Abroad, a load of import games for the Saturn were released. In no particular order they are:

  • Blue Breaker (RPG)
  • Bubble Symphony (Taito/Puzzle)
  • Cotton 2 (Success/Shooter)
  • Grandread (Space Adventure)
  • Nanatsu Kaze
  • Next King Ltd
  • Refrain Love (Dating Sim)
  • Sega Ages Memorial Vol. 2 (6 classics)
  • Sega Touring Car Championship (Racing)
  • Sonic R (Racing)
  • Vandal Hearts (Strategy)

Probably the most significant release is Cotton 2 from Success. This game can take advantage of either the 1MB (HSS-0150) or 4MB (HSS-0167) RAM carts. The effects of extra RAM is quite evident as the games incredibly detailed and fluid sprite based graphics (hand drawn of course.)

Also, Shining Force 3 should be available tomorrow (the 8th.) as will Yuna 3: Lightning Angel (RPG).

In Japan, Sega is working on an online RPG. The game is called Dragon's Dream. It's basic gameplay style will be like traditional console RPGs with turn based combat. The game is limited by the Japanese NetLink's 14.4kbs speed (vs. 28.8kbs in the US.) The multiplayer abilities will add a chat room, and shared adventures.

New in Europe is Warp's Enemy Zero. The game comes on 4 discs and makes use of pre-rendered footage to present the game. As with other Warp titles sound is also a major element in the title...great game. Its nice to see that its finally available all over. That's all this week, cya!


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