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Newsletter from 11-16-97
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dEX Update - New Games, SH-4 Details, Touring Car Info, and more...

Hello all,

As the second anniversary of dEX approaches, I am considering a possible site redesign. At this time, it is not probable due to the amount of work necessary. To create a new look, I'd spend hours coming up with one, and many more implementing and testing it. Additionally, I'd have to create many new images which took two or more hours each to produce. If and when a redesign comes you'll certainly hear about it. Also in the next week, I will be putting archives of the newsletter way back to the first one in August 1996........

Ok, first news this week is that Hitachi has now formally announced their latest SuperH RISC processor, the SH-4. In short, this processor is said to be the CPU powering Sega's next system, the 'Dural.' The initial version is said to be able to process about 5,000,000 polygons per second. Check out the breaking news area for more details on the chip.

In the US, two new games are shipping. First there is Nascar '98 by Electronic Arts. The game is the latest port of the excellent PC racing game. The Nascar series go more towards realism in driving characteristics, so Daytona fans may want to try the game out first. ASC Games has also shipped Mass Destruction for the Saturn last Friday. Basically, its an action game in which you can blow up just about anything one sees. The basic storyline is that you and your tank are trapped behind enemy lines and you get to destroy anything you can. The game is mission based with 24 missions to play through.

There were three new releases from Japan last week. Two RPGs from Atlus, Soul Hackers (aka Devil Summoner II) and Ronde. Both games deal with the player using demons to help your way through the game. Also out is Sakura Wars: Steam Radio Show. This is the latest in a series of Sims under the Sakura title. This one lets the player run a radio show with one of the members of the Hanagumi.

AM Annex's update to the hit racer Sega Rally, Sega Touring Car has been out in Europe for a week now and the general feeling is that Sega Rally is still the better version. Touring Car uses a slightly different approach in that the car physics are more realistic and less forgiving to errors..thus making the game harder to master than Rally. The game also uses time based features similar to Christmas Nights which are enabled by the Saturn's internal clock. Such mentioned features are hidden tracks, cars, music and other little things. Thanks to Saturnpolis for that bit of info.

Oh, also Core's long awaited Fighting Force title looks to be nothing more than a mediocre game at best. With the release of the PSX version, comments of a slow and repetitive title come to mind. While looking pretty, it just doesn't come close to the simplicity and speed of older games like the Bare Knuckle (SoR) series. The title is an everywhere but USA release for the Saturn if its still coming. No major loss...

That's all this week, cya!


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