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Newsletter from 11-02-97
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dEX Update - Several New Games Out, News, and more...

Hello all,

This last week has been a little busier than that last...things are just starting to speed up for this holiday season. Consider this lull in activity the quiet before the storm. Last week, I promised a side by side comparison of Duke 3D for the Saturn vs. the PC. I still plan to do the feature, but I've decided to put it off for a bit until I can get better screenshots from the Saturn version. The game is out in Europe and the US now, and its getting great comments from all gamers. Whilst the game may offer little to those who've played the PC version to death, its still an excellent conversion from the PC. The realistic lighting effects really add a lot of graphically to the Saturn version. Scrolling is nice and fluid, and support for the analog controller is great. Just as in Powerslave (Exhumed), one can walk slowly or run depending on how far one moves the analog d-pad.

Also new in the US, is Sega's NBA Action '98. Last years effort was plagued by very choppy (and ugly) graphics. The '98 version is the first product of Sega's exclusive deal with the game developer Visual Concepts (See Sept. News Archive.) Sega has some quotes on their site praising the game, but I cannot say how accurate they are. The screenshots I've seen look good.

Sega of America is having a contest in which you tell them: 'Why on earth is Sega's most recent weapon-based fighting game called "Last Bronx" if it takes place on the streets of Tokyo?' The ten winning entrants will be awarded with copies of Last Bronx. The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada (But not the Province of Quebec.) Head over to Sega's web site for more info (

Now for imports...for new releases a few games have come out. First off is the Falcom Classics disc has been released. This disc contains Dragon Slayer, Xanadu, and Y's. It also includes a bonus character data disc and poster. Continuing with classics Sega has released volume 8 in the Ages series, Columns Arcade Collection. This volume includes the arcade version of Columns, a port of the recent arcade release Columns '97, a port of from the Megadrive version, and lastly, a variant of Columns called Stack Columns.

Layer Section II is obviously the sequel to the excellent 2D shooter, Layer Section (aka Galactic Attack in the US.) This time, the game moves from 2D and uses a 3d/vertical view like that of Raystorm. The game uses lots of polygons to satisfy those 3D addicts while still keeping up the high pace of its predecessor. Frankly, the game looks awesome! Another shooter sequel is shipping as well, Raystorm 2 for the Saturn. I haven't heard much about this one yet so I'll leave it at saying its out.

Also Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG (Panzer Dragoon Saga) has been delayed to a last January release in Japan. It is not known how this will effect the March release in the US. Saturnworld is reporting a rumor that Sega is planning for a simultaneous release of Burning Rangers in Japan and the US this Christmas. Again, its a groundless rumor that they've pulled from who knows where. But its still a nice tidbit as they call it.

Capcom has also confirmed that Dungeons & Dragons is in development for the Saturn and will use the 4Mb card that, the one that X-men vs. Street Fighter will use.

Well that's all for this week, cya!


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