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Newsletter from 10-26-97
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dEX Update - Quiet Week, Upcoming Games, Duke 3D...

Hi all,

I haven't had any time over the past week to make any updates to the site. I'll try to get some done tomorrow if I have the time...I'm being bombarded with studies and college applications to fill out.....

Luckily (for me anyway) this past week has been a very quiet one. No new games were released in the US, Japan, and Europe (none in Europe I know of.) This week shouldn't be as slow. Several games are slated for release all over...If things are still on time Sega Ages, Ten Pin Alley, NBA Action '98, NHL All Star Hockey '98, and Duke Nukem 3D should all ship. I'm not sure what Sega is doing here as for a NFL game...not much has been coming from the Sega's US development teams for a while. While the Europeans are off playing World Wide Soccer '98, Americans will have to wait until mid November for the game to hit (barring any delays.)

Over in Japan, one new game Steep Slope Sliders should be available for import soon. This game is a snow boarding game similar to those which have been quite popular in the arcades. There are lots of tricks available to the player, and a nice combination of music selections Graphically, the game is nice and smooth, but not excellent or on the level of a game its quite fun. However, the collision detection could use some work. If Sega of America wises up, maybe they'll bring this to the US...along with another Winter sports game, Winter Heat, the second sports game by AM3.

In Europe, Duke Nukem 3D should ship near the end of the week. The PAL version is the same as NTSC versions, and is of course full screen...none of that annoying letterbox garbage. I'll try to get some screenshots up later this to ones from the PC version so you can compare. The game itself looks very good and the lighting effects really make it even better than the PC version. D3D is especially well suited for consoles since the game is excellent in 1 player mode.. whereas Quake is more of a multi player title.

That's all I have time to write about for the moment...hopefully there will be more to talk about than upcoming games next week, see ya!


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