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Newsletter from 10-19-97
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dEX Update - Last Bronx in US and Europe, All Pro Wrestling, New Review, and more...

Hello again,

Since last week, one new game has been released in the US, Last Bronx. The game is basically unchanged from the Japanese version except for the exclusion of the second disc which came with the Japan release. The original anime from the first disc is intact, while speech is handled with subtitles (thank you Sega, dubbing really sucks!) On the site, there is also a nice long review of Tecmo's Dead or Alive. The game is simply amazing...and a US release is being worked on. If Tecmo USA does not change their mind, we should see a completely unchanged US version. Release dates have also been updated on the site, after some games have slipped back (or been moved forward.)

In Japan, Sega has released their latest game, All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring VIRTUA. As the title implies, the game is another wrestling game. This game may knock off the current top wrestling game, FirePro Wrestling - 6 Man Scramble. The game uses 3D characters, and a general 3D play style similar to Virtua Fighters. The graphics, are incredible, characters are smooth and realistic looking (possibly goraud shaded, if one has played it, let me know.) The game features real players from Japan's pro wrestling and a few guests from the VF series such as Wolf and Jeffrey. Animation of players is based on actual motion captures, allowing for the ultra smooth character animation. Other than this major release, there have been no new titles for the Saturn shipping in Japan.

Folks in Britain have also seen the release of Last Bronx this week, the game has shipped a bit early, and sells for about 39. WWS '98 should also now be available in expected the game looks and plays great. Another big seller. Which brings me to one thing I must discuss.....

In both Europe and Japan, the Saturn is doing well. The Saturn has always been strong in Japan, especially with the huge following that the VF series has over there. Not to mention the great third party support. Then if one goes West, over in Europe, you can see that the Saturn, while not on top, is quickly gaining speed. Sega of Europe has many great titles coming out, several of which have no publisher in the US. One like an excellent WipeOut 2097 (Xl), and Core's Fighting Force (Eidos has given Sony exclusive rights to the game in the USA.) SoE will also be releasing Winter Heat, Sega's follow up to their great Summer Games title, Decathlete.

Now, return to the US. Here the management as Sega has practically given up on the Saturn. Whenever they are asked if there are plans to bring over [insert game here], they say, we have no plans at the moment. Another words, their only intent is to focus on the next system, dumping the Saturn. So, how does that leave us one million plus gamers? We are forced to buy imports...Shining the Holy Ark sold very well here, appearing on the Top 10 charts...a major feat considering the relative market size. Idea? US gamers love RPGs, are new releases from Japan planned for translation? Sega of US says Not right now. They are leading us into a hole, one can only hope that the management's opinion will change. However, since Stolar has done little but hurt the Saturn, the only change will come from a shuffling of management at Sega's offices in Redwood City. When Bernie's contract runs out, Sega Enterprises better have a new guy in line, one who is ready to address the issues at hand. Bernie can be sent off back to unemployment...he's fodder and deserves a sharp whack on the head and a shipment to a small island. :p

Perhaps, I'll turn this discussion into a full editorial when I have the chance. Until next week, cya!


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