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Newsletter from 10-12-97
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dEX Update - Misc. News, MSH in US, Many New Games in Japan, Europe Update, and more...

Hello all,

In a sharp contrast to the last update, I can say that this past week has been very quiet for Sega. No new announcements in the US market. There is however one new game here, Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes. As with the Japanese version, the RAM cart is supported, however Sega has still not decided to market the RAM cart in the US.

A minor bit of news I have to give is that as previously reported Sega Enterprises has confirmed that they plan to charge royalties to games which make use of the same technology as in their 3D patent (see September news archive.) If you want to get a chance to play Sonic R early, head over to Walt Disney World in Florida. At the Epcot center, Sega is giving gamers a chance to try out the game. This preview ends on Wednesday.

In Japan, Saturn owners now have an official Fan Club that they can join. Members get special previews and offers among other things. There is a yearly membership fee as well. Check the news area for full details.

New games shipping in Japan include: Asuka 120% Limited an all female fighter; Ninja Jajamaru-Kun a platform game featuring a 3D rendered ninja...the graphics are in the giant head, small body flavor; another dating simulation by Kid called Can Can Bunny 3; another anime girl type game called Find Love from AIC; and finally Tecmo's excellent fighter Dead or Alive. DoA features high res graphics similar to VF2 Saturn and it has an ultra smooth frame rate. This game was the first third party game to use Sega's Model 2 board. The gameplay is fast and very fun. Of course, what makes this game famous is the trademark 'Bounce.' Another feature solely implemented for the male gamers is that each time one beats the game with a particular character, the girl has a new, more revealing outfit. About seven per character in all.

For the British folks, World Wide Soccer '98 will be shipping for the Saturn on Thursday. In the mags, Duke Nukem 3D has been reviewed, and it has gotten an extremely high rating of 97 percent! Load up the PC version and start practicing because its coming on the 30th. But before then, on the 23rd, Last Bronx will ship as well...US gamers don't have to wait long either for these two games, LB and Duke 3D will ship on the 21st. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the first of November before we get to see WWS '98 (You lucky dogs.)

That's all this week, cya!


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