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Newsletter from 09-28-97
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dEX Update - New Review, Release Dates, Capcom Info, European Scene Update, and more...

Hello all,

Last week was again a week without releases in the US. However, this will soon change, Sega of USA has announced that The Lost World will be shipping at the end of this month. On the release lists the game shows up for an Oct. 3rd release date. Take a look at the news area for more info on the game. I'll try to get some images from the game and put them online if and when I can. Let the Autumn release frenzy begin!

Over in Japan, two new games have been released. The first new game is from Bandai, Mobile Suit Z Gundam Houhen. The game can be best described as an all around action game. Elements from shooters, and fighting games are present. Also out is a new shooter called Do Don Pachi from Atlus. The game is a vertical scroller and looks quite good. I hope the gameplay lives up the current library of excellent Saturn shooters. This game looks to be another welcome addition to the growing shooter genre.

In Europe, the long awaited of Wipeout 2097 (Xl) has finally arrived. The game was released on September 25th. It should be available widely shortly. Two British magazine reviews have touted the game, both giving it a 92% rating. The game features includes two hidden tracks and a bonus craft as well. While I'm in Europe, I'd like to mention that the British price of the Saturn has dropped to 99. The new deal is called the "Action Pack" gamers have a choice of two games with the package. One can choose from: Sega Rally Championship, Virtua Fighter 2, Worldwide Soccer 97, and Manx TT. It is available from selected retailers across Europe. Other games which should be out shortly include: Resident Evil, World Wide Soccer '98, Duke Nukem 3D, Sega Touring Car Championship, The Lost World, and Last Bronx.

Earlier this week there were rumors that Capcom had delayed shipment of several of their titles this fall. Such delays would be a huge dent in the Saturn's sales as Capcom has been releasing most of the 3rd party games for the Saturn in the US. Good news is that the rumors proved false, Capcom has stated that the games are on schedule and that Mega-Man X4, Marvel Super Heroes, Resident Evil and SF2 Collection will not be delayed.

Speaking of the SF2 Collection, there is now a review of this recent Japanese release at dEX. Also accompanying the review is a short secrets FAQ written by the author of the review. Check it out! Also at the site, I've updated the release dates list...a few titles have slipped back but for the most part the dates are about the same. When October comes, I'll make another update to that page to include December releases. I must note that the list is by no means complete and is lacking several big releases.

That's all for now, cya! Hope you enjoy the new European coverage, I'll do my best to cover it every week now!


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