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Newsletter from 09-14-97
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dEX Update - Fighting Force IS coming, New games, more Burning Rangers info...

Hello all!

Remember way back at E3 when Eidos and Sony announced that Core's Fighting Force would be a PSX exclusive? Well, it may be exclusive in the US, but Sega Europe has just signed Fighting Force for release on Saturn in November. The game will also be out for the Saturn in Japan. If you are not familiar with Core's FF, simply put, its a 3d version of Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle). It is rumored that when early in development, Core wanted to make the game SoR 4. I'm happy to see this title released for the Saturn, I only wish I would not only be able to buy it as an import.

Earlier this week Sega has officially announced Burning Rangers in the US with a press release. The PR gives some more information about the gameplay and its features. Check out the news area for details.

In the US, there were no new games released in the past will probably be this way for a while until next month when the big fall releases begin to ship. New Games in Japan include two from C's Ware, first Desire, a interactive action/adventure, and another game in the same genre EVE Burst Error. BTW, both games are for mature audiences only due to adult content so you know what to expect.

Also in import news, I'd just wanted to note that Capcom expects that Street Fighter vs. X-Men will sell for about 7800 yen or about $65 US. This is the price without the new 4MB RAM cartridge (according to SaturnWorld.) Things are getting a wee bit expensive for my tastes.

That's all this week, for those who've e-mailed me and not gotten a response, I apologize that I have not gotten back to you yet. I'll try to do so ASAP. Thanks.


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