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Newsletter from 09-07-97
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dEX Update - TTS Info, 3Dfx Sues, Wipeout 2097 info, and more...

Hi all,

No new games were released in the US or Japan this past week. On the site, I've updated the release dates area. In general news, 3Dfx has recently announced that they are suing Sega because Sega had broken an agreement between the two companies when Sega decided to not use 3Dfx's chip set in their next system. Citing breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets violations by Sega, 3Dfx is now seeking damages (more than $200 million.) There are possible worries that Sega's next system will be delayed because 3Dfx is making allegations that Sega has given trade secrets to NEC. Sega representatives have not made any official response to the suit yet. My take: This lawsuit is total rubbish, a late (and pitiful) attempt to save face on 3Dfx's part. Most likely, the case will be settled in private or thrown out of court. Either way, I don't think it will delay Sega's new system unless 3Dfx shows very, very good proof of their allegations...

As the Tokyo Toy Show ends, the similarities between it and the E3 are quite obvious. Simply put, this year's TTS like the E3 focused on software. Sega and others had some great looking games there, including Sonic Team's awesome looking Burning Rangers (see Snapshots area for pics and video clip.) Sega also showed Shining Force III. The latest in the Shining Series uses a 3D isometric view for the main portion of the game, and polygonal battle scenes. The game is currently slated for a December release in Japan. Other games shown included Azel: Panzer RPG and Sonic R. Sonic R was also shown at E3, but this version is much further along and looks a whole lot better. The last big game for Sega at TTS was Sega Touring Car Championship. The game is looking very good, and the graphic quality is between that of Sega Rally and Daytona USA.

Don't forget third party support for the Saturn. Capcom showed games that we expected, most importantly X-Men vs. Street Fighter which was using the new 4-meg RAM cart. The Street Fighter collection is almost done and should be out in November. Konami of Japan's RPG, Genso Suikoden was also shown; still no word on an American release. For Samurai Spirits fans, SNK announced that Samurai Spirits: Amakusa's Descent will be coming to the Saturn. The game will use the standard RAM cart like previous SNK Saturn releases. It should be out in December. Oh, also lets not forget ESP's Grandia was shown as well. Finally, Kenji Eno of Warp has announced that D2 will be coming to the Saturn. D2 was originally a M2 title, and the game will be available sometime in '98.

In other miscellaneous news Wipeout XL/2097 for the Saturn, is in limbo for US release as THQ canceled their Saturn publishing agreement with Psygnosis. There is a one level demo disc in the latest Saturn Power Magazine (UK). The game should be available in Europe shortly, I'm told it looks every bit as good as the PSX version (I believe the game supports the analog controller too.) I truly hope that someone in the US will pick up this and other Psygnosis games like Assault Rigs (which is out for the Saturn abroad I believe.)

Whew, I guess I've made up with the lack of updates during the week with this long newsletter. See everyone in seven!


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