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Newsletter from 08-03-97
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dEX Update - Last Bronx review, New Poll, Manx T.T, updated release dates....

Hello all,

***New Poll***

Ok, its been a while since I've put up a new Saturn poll. So for the next two weeks, send your opinion in on this topic:

Has Sega done the right thing by ending their contract with 3Dfx, thus keeping hardware development in Japan?

The URL to the polling place is:

This past week at dEX, a review of the recently released Last Bronx has been posted. The release dates have also been updated to cover August through October. Only one new game in the US: Manx T.T from Sega/Psygnosis. The game was ported by an Australian subsidiary of Psygnosis. Opinions of the game are generally positive however, the main problem is that the game only has two unique tracks (which can also be raced in reverse) which decreases replay value. You'll be happy to know however, that the controls are fully analog. Using the 3d controller, the L and R buttons work as analog accelerator and brake buttons. A nice touch. Conclusion: Rent it first.

Several new games have been released in Japan. New Japanese games aside from Last Bronx include: an RPG, Langrisser IV by NCS, Rockman (Megaman) X4, and another RPG Slayers Royal from Slayers Royal/ESP.

Sega has gone on a small buying spree last week with the purchase of two companies. First they bought a large share of a company called Lease Electronics, which happens to be NEC's sales agency. Then Sega acquired Adeline known for the Little Big Adventure (Relentless and Twinsen's Odyssey). Adeline software will become part of a new company, Sega Software. They will be making software for the PC and the next Sega console. There was no mention of possible Saturn development.

That's all this week, cya!


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