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Newsletter from 07-27-97
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dEX Update - Albert Odyssey Ships, Biohazard out....

Hello all,

I've been busy the past week with other matters, thus I have not been able to update the site as much as I would have liked too. Here's what went on since last Sunday:

  • Sega's contract with 3Dfx has officially been ended.
  • Konami has acknowledged the development of a Castlevania game for the Saturn. They claim that there will be enough differences from the PSX version to warrant owning both titles.
  • Albert Odyssey was finally released in the US. Initial response has been mixed. Some only have praise for the game, while others dislike Sega's long awaited RPG. I hope to have a review online soon.

The Saturn's position in the US market has also improved somewhat recently due to the release of two new titles: WSB '98 and Shining the Holy Ark. WSB 98 and Shining the Holy Ark at #3 and #5 respectively on the EB Top 10 sales. It has been a while since a Saturn title has made the Top 10 list, and I am very happy to see that two games are on it at this time. I hope that Sega can continue this as the year continues.

In Japan, the only new Saturn release was Biohazard (Resident Evil). The game itself looks pretty good, just as good as the PSX version. As with most Capcom titles though, you can expect it to be of high quality.

At this year's Tokyo Toy Show (in September), the Saturn is expected to have a strong showing. Here is a list of games that should be demoed:

Game (Developer, release date)

Culdcept (Sega Enterprises, Fall 1997) 
Dead or Alive (Tecmo, October) 
Devil Samana Soul Hackers (Atlas, November) 
Japanese Pro Wrestling featuring Virtua (Sega Enterprises, October 23) 
Legend of Momotaro's Journey (Hudson,1997) 
Legend of the Seven Windy Islands (Enix, Fall) 
Riven: The Sequel to Myst (San Denshi, TBA) 
Ronde (Atlas, September 25) 
Sakura Taisen 2: You're Going To Die (Sega Enterprises, Spring 1998) 
Sega Touring Car Championship (Sega Enterprises, Fall 1997) 
Solo Crisis (Sega Enterprises, Fall 1997) 
Sonic R (Sega Enterprises, end of 1997) 
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Make Up Love Song (Konami, TBA) 
X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Capcom, Fall) 
That's all this week, cya!


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