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Newsletter from 07-13-97
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dEX Update - Konami Speaks, 4meg Ram Cart, AO delay, and more...

Hi all!

I've been busy last week recovering from a hard drive format so I've gotten a little behind on updates. However, i have updated release dates, added a Shining the Holy Ark review, and pics from the just released Thunderforce 5.

Looks like Albert Odyssey has been delayed again. Now it is set to ship on Tuesday. Hopefully it won't be delayed again. In the past week there has been a lot of discussion about a new '4 meg' RAM cart announced by Sega in Japan. It was not clear whether the cart will either boost the Saturn's memory to a total of 4MB or that the cart will be 4MB (for a total of 6MB of RAM!). Either way, this new cart will allow for arcade conversions better than those that used the older RAM cart (booted to a total of 3MB). Capcom has announced three new games that will use the cart: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter, and Vampire Savior. Street Fighter 3 is also in the works for the Saturn, so one can expect the latest version to use the cart too. No comment was made when officials were asked if the cart would be released abroad. I really hope so...Sega in Europe and US needs those sales badly!

This news comes from UK: Resistance, a site that covers the British Saturn scene...

"Okay, read the following extract from an interview with the producer of Sonic R, Mr Sato, which appears in this months issue of UK Sega Saturn Magazine:

    SSM: Why aren't Sonic Team programming the game [Sonic R] themselves? Sato: Sonic Team were busy with Sonic Jam and then started on another Saturn project."

Interesting info. But what is this new Saturn project? It was not explicitly stated what the new game was. Possibly a completely new Sonic game, or maybe even Nights 2. At this point all is speculation...Konami may finally be changing their attitude toward US games. They have expressed the possibility in directly selling games such as Salamander Super Pack in the US market. If there is the demand. Head over to the news area for full details.

As for the controversy between Sega of America and WD...well Sega has responded to Vic finally presenting their side of the story. While the E3 situation was Sega's fault, they were offended by how Vic handled the voicing his complaint on Usenet and other mediums instead of contacting Sega directly. I think Vic was not too professional in his handling...but neither was SoA, especially since it was a problem they caused. The relationship looks like it has ended for now. Here are the last games that WD will release for the Saturn at this time:

  • Albert Odyssey (soon)
  • Lunar: Silver Star Story (out in Japan)
  • Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Sega Ages: Outrun, Space Harrier, Afterburner 2

I'll try to update the Software area this week, its becoming outdated again...that's all this week cya!


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