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Newsletter from 06-22-97
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dEX Update - E3 Report, lots of pics, etc...

Hello all!

This year's E3 was nothing truly special. There were no new hardware demos, the show was all about games. Last Bronx is looking very good, running in high res at 60fps. The version shown was 45% complete and the backgrounds were 3D while the trails from the weapons remained intact. It is already being touted as 'arcade perfect.' Quake was also there, with full lightsourcing and lots of other goodies...I'll let you take a look through the E3 areas, I will also add more images as I get a hold of them. Sorry if the Enemy Zero shots seem a bit dark, they didn't compress to well.

Supposedly, a rift has formed between Working Designs and Sega of America. SoA reportedly promised WD some floor space which later was 'full.' WD then complained to Sega of Japan, and SoA then gave WD space for a booth in a low traffic area. Later, WD announces that they will begin to publish RPGs for the Playstation. Lets hope the issue is resolved soon...

That's about all this week, see ya!


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