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Newsletter from 06-09-97
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dEX Update - New review, BASIC system delay, price drop...

Hello all!

Sorry I'm a day caught up in enjoying my summer vacation. :) Last week Sega made the announcement that we have been waiting for; a price drop for the Saturn. The core system sells for $150, and one can purchase the system with a game for $170 (choice of VF2, Nights, or Sega Rally. The NetLink's price has also been cut in half, now its selling for $99. For the NetLink users, you should expect some NetLink capable games very soon. I am told that the first games available will be special versions of Sega Rally and Virtual On. It has also been stated that the two games will only be available directly from Sega. More info on that as I get it.

In other news, ESP the company responsible for the development of the Saturn BASIC system, has announced that the programming system's release will be delayed until fall 97. They stated that they are behind in the development of Win 95 tools and tutorials. A stand alone version of the kit will be available after the PC-link version is completed.

On the site, there is a review of the Japanese shooter, Soukyugurentai. Its a shooter that is definitely worth checking out. Macross: The Super Dimension Fortress has been released in Japan as well. This version of Macross is of the familiar side scroller/shooter type. I can't say much about the game because I'm not a big fan of the series.

At dEX, I've also made a few updates to the Software area. In a few days I hope to have some new screen shots of upcoming games from Japan on the site as well. See everyone in 7!


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