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Newsletter from 05-25-97
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dEX Update - Contra Pics, News, Battlestations...

Hello all!


Current Topic: Now that some time has passed, do you think that the planned merger of Sega Enterprises and Bandai is good for Sega?

Please take the time to vote if you haven't already, the poll ends next Sunday!

Two new games came out in the US this past week, they are: Battlestations by EA, and Contra Legacy of War from Konami (finally). Battlestations is another strategy game, this time in the setting of naval warfare. In the game, you can control any of eight classes of ships such as an aircraft carrier or a submarine. The action is real time. You can play against the computer or a 2nd player. There are 50 one player missions, and 26 multi player ones! After a long wait, Contra has made it to the Saturn. The game features some improvements in the graphics department over the PSX version as well. The game is what one would expect from the Contra series, there is also a 3d mode for which the 3d glasses are included. Pictures of Contra are available in the Snapshots area.

Rumors have been spreading quickly, as Sega is expected to lower the price of the Saturn by the start of the E3 in Atlanta. Projected prices range from $99 to $150 US. At those prices its probable that there will not be any pack in game. Pressure from developers and the competitions is forcing Sega to lower the prices. Dave Perry of Shiny Ent. told Game Fan that Wild9s is on hold until Sega takes some action as to the Saturn's price. As Wild9s has progressed well, I hope that the game will be out on the Saturn. On a sad note, after several years of development, Heart of Darkness has been canceled! Virgin has decided to end Amazing Studios' long running (and expensive) project. I hope that the game will be picked up by another publisher (You listening Sega?) as it was going to be a Saturn exclusive, and a great one at that.

I've also made several updates and additions to the Software area...that's all I have to say this week, cya!


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