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Newsletter from 05-18-97
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dEX Update - New Snapshots, news, etc...

Hello all!

Last week I did not send out an update, as there was not much to say. I am busy with finals and semester projects so I'm quite busy...


There is a new Saturn poll after about a month of there not being one. The current topic is: After some time has passed, do you think that the merger of Sega and Bandai is a good thing for Sega?

Vote at:

In the past week, I've also added a copy of a letter written by a fellow Saturn enthusiast that was sent to GameFan Magazine concerning the platforms current status and how the printed media is affecting the Saturn. After reading the letter, take some time to write to the magazines and tell them how you feel! Seemingly in reassurance of the media's rejection of the Saturn there was an article was posted on VideoGameSpot (EGM) supposing that Sega was going to pull the Saturn. Not only was the view of the situation biased, the information presented was incomplete and by no means inaccurate. You can view it here:

In response, Saturn World posted a response which can be read here:

Sad times when the media can't deliver an untarnished view of things. I just hope this problem is only widespread in American magazines not foreign ones.

Enix has announced their first Saturn game, Tales of Seven-Wind Island. The game is basically an adventure game with a point and click type interface. I'll try to get some screen shots soon. In the Snapshots area, I've added images from Atlus latest Saturn game, Groove On Fight. It takes advantage of the SNK RAM cart as well.

Fighter's Megamix is also out in the US. Unfortunately, it seems that the archive on the CD with lots of rendered images from the game has been removed. Though, the game is still quite good, I'd recommend it to any fighting game fan.

Finally, in the latest Next Generation magazine, there is a picture of the so called 'upgrade cart.' After examining it, the image looks to be a fake; just a Saturn memory cart with a VF3 image on the label area. When the upgrade comes, it should plug into the back of the Saturn, similar to the MPEG add on. A cart solution would be too slow to really take full advantage of enhancements...

That's about all this week, see everyone in 7!


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