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Newsletter from 05-04-97
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dEX Update - The Megascam, Upcoming games, NetLink info...

Hello all!

I've been quite sick for the majority of the past week, so I have not been able to make any real updates to dEX until this weekend. Though, I've written a new Saturn editorial regarding the Blockbuster fiasco. If you do not know what I am referring to, then here goes: On Wednesday, Sega announced that Fighters Megamix would be available at Blockbuster stores for rent on May 2nd. Two weeks before the general release in the US. Friday came, FMM did not.

Other than that, there were no new games out this week. Though, a lot has been said about upcoming titles like Sonic Jam. The game includes: Sonic 1-3, Sonic & Knuckles, and now Sonic Spin Dash included is a 3D world which is based on a regular Sonic level. The world is a miniature game in itself. The world is very detailed, while not as high resolution as Mario 64, the textures are far more abundant. You may come upon a stream in the level, the polygonal water is true transparency, no dithering tricks here. The world uses an engine close to what is being used in Project Sonic, which may now be called Sonic R. Sonic R appears on November release lists. Also slated for November release in the US are: World Wide Soccer '98, and Enemy Zero.

Duke 3D is looking good as well. Lots of lightsourcing and the game is not censored from the PC version expect the language to be removed though. It should be out in July. Quake is also being worked on by Lobotomy, and is said to be very close to the PC version. Good news for NetLinkers as well, as several games are coming soon. Sega Rally and Virtual On can now be played head to head over the phone lines. Bomberman Saturn with the Netlink can be a 4 player game, 2 on each end. Games will be networkable via a special server (in development) and by direct dialing. Duke 3D is also NetLink compatable, and Quake may be as well.

One last thing, Gamefan has stated that Konami is bringing Genso Suikoden to the Saturn. They say the Saturn version will be upgraded over the original PSX version, no word if it will hit the States. :(

That's all this week, cya!


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