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Newsletter from 04-27-97
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dEX Update - New Reviews, new games out, cheap games...

Hello all,

During the past week, perhaps the biggest news has been Sega's announcement on Tuesday of reducing prices on certain Saturn titles in Japan. The titles are selling at a reduced price of 2800yen; or about $22 US dollars. Current titles selling at the new price point are: Virtua Fighter 2, Baku Baku, Dragon Force, Lair Section, and DX Life Game. Then, on June 20th, another ten go on sale: Nights, Decathlete, Sega Rally Championship Plus, Saturn Bomberman, Puyo Puyo Tsu, Dragonball Z, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Samana, D's Dining Table, PrincessMaker 2, and Albert Odyssey. If they're thinking at all, they'll do the same in Europe and the States where sales are beginning to lag.

Two new games are shipping and should hit the stores very soon. They are: Crystal Dynamic's 2d/3d platformer Pandemonium, and Konami's shooter, Crypt Killer. The latter title is a shooter similar to Virtua Cop. It does support the Saturn light gun.

The much awaited Pandemonium has finally made it to the Saturn. Its a most excellent port, remaining very true to the original. In Japan, AM1 has released a disappointing game, Sky Target. The game suffers from poor graphics among other things. Though, the arcade version isn't anything special either....two new reviews are on the site as well, one of Metal Slug, and Elevator Action Returns. Both titles are currently out in Japan, though Metal Slug will be ported to the US.

Metal Slug takes advantage of the RAM cart which is the center of debate. Whether to ship the game in the US with the RAM cart for a higher price, or without one for $50; sacrificing the smooth animation with the cart. I hope they to make use of the cart here, as Metal Slug has most excellent animation thanks to the extra memory. SNK has also announced that they will be bringing Samurai Shodown RPG to the states (yes!!). In the Saturn area, I've also updated the release dates area to include the months of May through June. Looking at the list, a several RPGs are heading to the US soon...its about time. One each month starting May (if nothing slips): Albert Odyssey, Sacred Pools, Shining The Holy Ark....I can't wait as the Saturn is in need of some good RPGs on the US.

I've also made numerous updates to the Software area...I'm somewhat catching up after a little neglect to the area. I hope to have more free time so I can make the updates more frequent. Thats about all this week, see everyone in 7!


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