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Newsletter from 04-20-97
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dEX Update - 3Dfx and Sega, Poll results, new snapshots

Hi all,

This week I'm trying out a new mail program for this list. If there are any abnormalities like multiple copies, long headers, etc. Please let me know!

Results from Poll #7 are up so go check them out. The big news this week, has been not a direct announcement. But, in an SEC filiing, 3Dfx Interactive has disclosed some information regarding a "Technology Agreement with Sega." This agreement covers the use of a custom version of 3Dfx's VooDoo chipset in Sega's next console. Neither companies have said anything otherwise. See the Breaking News area for the full story, and some other clips from the filing.

I've added some captures from Human's Fire Prowrestling. The game has been deemed a must have for any wrestling game fan. Also, Bomberman in the Status will have NetLink support. It looks as though, one will be able to have 2 players on each end of a network game. Though, the multitap should also be supported...if only one could afford 10 controllers. Fighters Megamix is slated for a May 13th release, I'm not sure if any changes will be made in the US version. Though with a long delay, its very possible that some things have been added or improved...

That's all this week, cheers!


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