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Newsletter from 04-06-97
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dEX Update - New Poll, NetLink games soon, The Toy Show....

Hello all!


New Topic: Has Sega made the right choice by not announcing the 'BlackBelt' at the Tokyo Toy Show?

Defend your answer!

This past week has been fairly quiet aside from a few announcements and things going on at the Tokyo Toy show. There are no new Saturn games out...though Mechwarrior 2 is shipping *very* soon. Sega has also stated that NetLink games will begin shipping next month. The first to ship will be Sega Rally, then four more titles over the summer. At the Tokyo Toy show, Sega has not made any huge announcements, VF3 did not rear its head, nor did the much hyped 'BlackBelt' system/upgrade appear. However, Sega did announce that Sonic Team is working on 2 Sonic games. One will go with the Sega Ages series and contain Sonic 1-3. The other game is what was formally called Sonic Xtreme, it is scheduled for a fall release. Online, here's a URL that leads to some great looking pictures from 'Sonic World.' I can't tell you much about the game since all of the pages are in Japanese:

At the show, a 30% complete version of AM3's Last Bronx was shown. The game itself looks great and is stated as heading toward a perfect conversion. Lastly, Sega announced that Touring Car will be coming to the Saturn. Oh, and its has been more or less announced that Bomberman Saturn will be coming sometime soon to the States.

That's about all this week, cya!


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