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Newsletter from 03-30-97
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Hello all dEX users!

There has been a problem with the mailing system and only a few days ago, did I recieve e-mails that were send to The problem has been corrected. I've added/removed the appropriate users to this list accordingly. If you inquired about writing reviews, I have sent a response. I apologize if this has caused any problems.

The results from poll number 6 are now up. There will be a week break between now and the next poll...

News this week:

Sega of America Monday announced that Shuji Utsumi joined the company to head software product development for Sega's video game consoles. It is important to note that Utsumi was a long time Sony exec who aided with the launch of the PSX.

Earlier there has been 'problems' in getting Konami's Saturn games released in the US. It seems that the company has made their decision about the Saturn: Dump it. Konami will double their releases for the N64 and PSX over the next year, while keeping the number of Saturn releases the same. I guess the few titles that they released didn't sell to well...then again, the best games never have been released in the US. As usual, see the site for full info.

New games out this week: Lunacy, Megaman 8, NBA Live '97, and Doom. I am saddened that id has chosen to release Doom for the Saturn. It came out months ago in Europe. Features: Slow framerate, poor detail, etc etc. The game is no better in the US, its still garbage. If you're looking for a 3d shooter, go for Powerslave. Its a most excellent game with wonderful control and graphics.

Also new in the snapshots section are pictures from Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG, and Psikyo's new shooter - Sol Divide. There are 3 pictures of each, though there is a problem with my server and I can't upload the 3rd PD image. I'll put it up as soon as possible.

That's all this week, see everyone in 7!


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