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Newsletter from 03-10-97
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Hello all!

Sorry I'm a day late sending this out, but I've been extremely busy lately....I'll make it quick this week with just a summary of what has gone on.....

The results from the previous poll have been released, there is no current topic but I should have one up by the next update. In the past week, there has been some more speculation on the Saturn 64-bit upgrade, and some info concerning Tomb Raider 2 for the Saturn. Also, Syndicate Wars has been cancelled for the Saturn. I hope to have more info on why this has happened from my contact soon. See the news are for the full story. Eidos has also released Crimewave in the past week, I haven't had much input on the game yet though. Also updated are the Saturn release dates, so check them out.

That's all I have to say right now as I'm in a hurry....check the web site for full info of what I just summarized. Also, if you recieve duplicate copies of this message, please let me know! There have been a few problems with my mail server so I'd like to make sure that they have been fixed. Cya!

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