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Newsletter from 03-02-97
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Hello dEX users!


One week left until the current poll is over. Topic: Are you willing to pay as much as $150 US for the Saturn upgrade which includes VF3? It only takes a moment, so if you haven't already, vote!

I've been extremely busy during the past week, in effect I've had little time to update dEX. Though, nothing truly significant took place either. Here's a quick summary of what went on: Scorcher is shipping, Sega's plans for the NetLink unveiled, advertising budget for '97, and something else...Now shipping, the racer by Scavenger has finally surfaced. While the 3d racer itself look pretty good, and the PC version has gotten fairly good marks, I think that this game came a little too late. Its another stab at the futuristic/tunnel racing genre, though this time it has been done well.

Slipping into stores last October, Sega's NetLink has had marginal success. While the system has captured about 30% of the WebTv box market, it has only been a device for Internet access. Very soon that will change. NetLink only versions of Sega Rally and Virtual On are due to be released during the 1st and third quarters respectively. A very good looking version of Duke Nukem 3d is also due out this summer. Unfortunately, the US version of Bomberman has been pushed back to a fall release date, though whenever it comes out, the game should be well received, NetLink support or not.

A few people I've talked to have received promotional CDs from Sega. The discs contained several playable and non-playable demos featuring upcoming games. So far, it seems that the distribution of the CDs is limited. Probably sent to random owners or to people who have registered by a certain date. More on this as I get the info...

Lastly, I've decided to end personally managing the Saturn codes area as its too much work. Though, I've added some links too good code resources in this area, and plan to add other relevant items when necessary.

Other changes at dEX that took place: Minor interface revisions.


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