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Newsletter from 02-23-97
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dEX Update - New Poll, 3 Game offer extended....

Hello dEX users!


The results from the previous poll have been released, and a new topic has been posted. The new topic: Are you willing to pay as much as $150 US for the Saturn upgrade which includesVF3? So place your vote, and tell me why you've voted so! Also, take a look at previous poll results:

It has been a relatively quiet week for the Saturn. Signalling the beginning of many more quiet weeks as the long gap between development cycles begins. The only notable Saturn news this week is that Sega has extended their 3 free game pack for several more months. At this third extension of the offer, I'm beginning to think that the 3 pack will become a permanent arrangement. At least in the US. In the snapshots area, there are images of the much awaited RPG Grandia from GameArts, and pictures from Capcom's latest fighter to hit the Saturn, CyberBots. No new games out this week...coming soon to Japan is AM3's racer, Manx TT. Delayed from an original release date during the holiday season, the game looks well worth the extra time we've had to wait. Sega promises that at least one new track will be included with the game.

Over in the software section, the other 'oft changing part of dEX, I've added a few programs and updated some others. Netscape has released the second public beta of their new browser, Communicator. I recommend that one does not try the browser until it hits beta5. Currently, there are several features missing and bugs that don't plague previous versions.

That's all this week, see everyone in 7.


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