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Newsletter from 02-16-97
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Hello dEX users!

***Poll status***

There is one week left to vote in the current poll: what game are you looking forward to this year. If you haven't already, take a moment to vote:

It has been a somewhat quiet week for the Saturn, though several announcements pertaining to future titles saw the light of day. A recap of the past week: Die Hard Arcade will debut on the Saturn in mid March. Sega has picked up the rights for Saturn versions of Duke 3d and Quake from GTI. Lobotomy will be handling the conversions for both (after an awesome version of Powerslave), the games will support the NetLink and should be available this fall. The earlier announcement made by Bandai's president, Makoto Yamashina, claiming that the VF series would be brought to other non-Sega platforms has been shot down by Sega. As expected, Sega has stated that this will not happen. Finally, Sega has also announced that Fighters Megamix should make its way to the states some time in May.

Only one new game out this week: EA's Soviet Strike. Soviet Strike is the latest instalment in EA's famous Strike series that began on the Genesis with Desert Strike. In this version, there are over 40 missions that the player will have to find their way through. I've heard that the game also supports the analog pad, but have not confirmed this.

That's all this week, see everyone in 7!


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