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Newsletter from 02-09-97
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Hi again,


Current Poll Topic: What Saturn game are you most looking forward to buying this year? Also, the results from the previous poll: Today's games v. pre 32-bit games. Please take to time to cast your poll, it only takes a moment:

Over the past week, three new reviews have been added to the Saturn area: Tempest 2k, Midway Arcade Hits, and one for Crusader: No Remorse. Also recently out is Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (shudder), Capcom is at it again, refusing to hit #3. In other news, the President of Bandai has claimed that he wants to bring the VF series to the N64 and PSX. I have a few problems with this proclamation: Who is he to say which of Sega's products go where? Also, why would Sega want to give up one of its biggest sellers to the competition? After seeing what he has in mind, I truly hope that the merger will be called off. On a last note, sources in Europe have confirmed the Saturn 64-bit upgrade. The unit will use the expansion port on the rear of the Saturn. The target price is about $130 US dollars, VF3 would be included with the upgrade unit. I guess all will be told on March....

In the software area, I've added two new programs: Claris Emailer, and CyberKit. Claris Emailer is a freeware Mac mail program. Its quite good. The latter program, is a nice net utility for Win 95 that provides: ping, nslookup, whois, finger, trace route, and quote of the day functions. CyberKit is also freeware. I've also updated Snagit for Win 95 to v3.2.2 and Pegasus mail to v2.52.

That's all for this week, oh, BTW, I hope to redo the codes section in the next few weeks; Stay tuned. Cya!


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