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Newsletter from 02-02-97
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Hello all For a while, I have been neglecting the software area among other parts of dEX. I hope to soon fix this and make frequest updates across all of dEX, and not just the Saturn area...


The third dEX poll is about today's games vs. those that came before the 32-bit generation. Are today's games missing something that is found in older titles? Tell us your opinion:

During this week, most of the updates in the Saturn area took place in the past few days. I've updated the release dates list, added a few news articles, and added pictures from: Die Hard Arcade, Judgement Force, and Megaman 8. On the news front, I've included more specific info on the Sega Ent. & Bandai merger, and info regarding the 8 meg cart that has been released in Japan. A new sub-section of the Saturn area is a special features area. This area covers matters that are important for you, as a gamer to get involved in. Not mentioned in the News area, is some info on Enix, and what's going on with their saturn development. While Enix previously announced that there will not be Dragon Quest 7 for the Saturn, they did not mention that instead, Grandia will be heading for Saturn! More info on this as it happens!

On the software front, I've made a few organizational changes and updated several programs on it. Soon, I plan to change that area by adding and removing a few sections.

See everyone in 7!


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