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Newsletter from 01-26-97
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Hello all dEX users!

Tonight is the last night that votes will be taken for the Saturn Poll #2. Results and a new poll will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

Early this week, Psygnosis announced that they have given T-HQ rights to distribute seven of the Psygnosis titles on the Saturn. Check the site for which games will be coming. Not completely related to the Saturn, but Sega Enterprises has also announced a merger with Bandai. Because of this, we can expect to see some of the Bandai characters making appearances on Saturn products, and of course, probably some more Sega toys produced by Bandai. The two companies will create a single company with covering all aspects of entertainment, including video game systems, console and PC interactive software, toys, music, TV and film properties, arcade machines, and amusement theme parks, as well as related licensing businesses. Interesting deal, though, the Japanese stock market doesn't seem to like the merger. :( Out for the Saturn this week, is Eidos' Incredible Hulk. No info on how the game plays...currently, I am pondering the future of the not so up to date codes area. At this point, I am seeking a 3rd party source (a mirror of sorts) because keeping that area up to date is too much work. If you think you can provide this, please contact me!

Soon, a new software area at dEX may be presented, a fonts area. This area will contain some of the greatest freeware and shareware fonts as they come out. In other software fronts, there has been little activity that one needs to take note of. Though, I'm expecting to make some big changes to this area.....

'tis all for this week, see everyone next Sunday!


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