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Newsletter from 01-19-97
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Hello dEX Users!

First off I'd like to make a final push for the week is left until the two current polls close. The first poll is for the final best & worst games of 1996, and the second vote is concerning opinions on the media, print media that is. So, if you haven't voted yet (and I know many have not!), please take the time to head over to the polling page ( and vote!

As you probably already know, over the past week Sega announced some sales figures for 1996. Here's how the year turned out: 1.2 million Saturn systems (sold to consumers), for a total installed base of 1.6 million systems in North America. 7.1 millions Saturn systems have been sold worldwide. On the software end, 5.5 million titles were sold this year. Overall, the total sales increase was about 175%. Later that week, Sega also announced a new promotion that will run from February until April 15th. Basically, its a buy 2 get 1 free deal. See the Breaking News page for more details.

Other changes at dEX: Saturn, include two new games out this past week: Amok, and Tunnel B1. The former, has received mixed reviews. In general, Amok is a likeable game, but the game has a few flaws. One is the depth in which the playing field is visible. At times your view drops to darkness, giving the impression of a night scene...throughout the whole game. I have no info on Tunnel B1 at this time, but it is by Acclaim so the quality can be considered questionable. Last Monday, I added pictures from two upcoming games: Scorcher by Scavenger, and Project X from Acclaim. Scorcher basically is a tunnel racing game, though so far the graphics look great, and there is more detail than in previous images shown at dEX a while back. Project X looks to be a shooter that harks back to the 'Golden Age of Shooters', in a way this is great for those old time games (like me) who enjoy the nostalgia, the images look great, but we'll have to see if the gameplay is decent or not.

Concerning the unupdated codes area, at this point I am beginning to set up a third party source for the codes, maintaining this area is just too much work in addition to managing the rest of dEX. I will let you know when something is done....see everyone next week l8trz!


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