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Newsletter from 01-12-97
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Hello dEX users!

Tonight is the last night in which nominations for the Best and Worst of 1996 will be taken, so if you haven't voted yet, please do so! The results will be posted tomorrow so you can vote for the award winner. The direct URL to the polling page is:

During this week, I've updated many parts of the Saturn area...out this week is Black Dawn from Virgin, so far I've had little feedback on the game so I can't say how well it plays. In the News area, I've written an article regarding Sega's future and other things. In other news, Capcom has announced both Resident Evil(Biohazard) 1 and 2 for the Saturn. RE2 is set to debut shortly after the PSX version. A review of Sega Ages is up, this one is a review of the collection as released in Europe. Currently Ages has been released in Europe and Japan, Sega has not commented on a US release. Over in the Snapshots area you will find images from Acclaim's Project X and Scavenger's Scorcher...finally, I've updated the release dates list to run from this month until March.

During this week, I have finals so I may not have the time to make updates but I will make an effort to do so! Until next week cya!


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