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Newsletter from 01-05-97
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Hello all, welcome to the first dEX Update of 1997!


Again I must ask all Saturn fans to come out and vote for the best and worst games of 1996. There is only one week left to submit your nominations! The URL to the polling place is:

Over the past week, Sega has been very quiet regarding their sales over the holidays. Hopefully they will say something soon, especially concerning their financial problems, a little spin control perhaps. A review of Bug Too! was added on out this week are: Powerslave, Die Hard Trilogy, and TNN 4x4. Powerslave has been getting excellent reviews thus far! Also the game supports analog controllers like the 3d pad (yes!!). I'm told that Die Hard Trilogy by Fox Interactive is suprisingly decent...unfortunately, TNN 4x4 is not so good. While looking initially promising, the game just wasn't a well rounded package to compete with the other racers out there (gameplay problems).

This past week has been pretty hectic for me, preparing for finals, and returning from a short vacation...I'll do my best to catch up. See everyone next week...remember to vote!


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