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Newsletter from 12-22-96
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Hello dEX Users!

I've made several updates to the dEX: Saturn section over the past week. New to stores is Command and Conquer by Virgin. While there is already a sequel for the PC version, the C&C looks great on the Saturn. Though, you'll want to have a memory card for the extra storage needed for save games, etc. Other games out this week include: Mario Andretti Racing, Tempest 2000, Arcade's Greatest Hits (Midway), and Crusader: No Remorse. I've also updated the release schedule up to February. Across the Pacific, Fighters Megamix hit the streets of Japan. As expected, its selling well and there's a most positive response. I hope to see this in the States soon. Also, GT Interactive has announced that they will delay the release of Hexen for the Saturn. Most likely they are adding support for the NetLink. Early this week, Sega announced that they have 'aquired' another SCE exec. Before leaving Sony, Gretchen Eichinger was the V.P. of 3rd party relations. Now at Sega, she will head the 3rd party licensing. Months ago, Sega also had hired Bernie Stolar, another SCE 3rd party exec.

Late this week, Netscape released the first public beta of their new web browser, Netscape Communicator (Nav4.0). Unfortunately after a few days, it was removed from their FTP sites without reason. Though, I did get a chance to read the release notes. So far no major new features have been added. The program (Win95) was about ~5MB for the regular version and 10MB for the full version.

As always, check out the site for the full info! See ya next week! Happy holidays!


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