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Newsletter from 12-15-96
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This week there are several new Saturn games out. Ones of any concern include: Dark Savior, Dragon Force, and Bug Too! Other titles out this week include: 3D Baseball, Heir of Zendor, Hyper 3D Pinball, Virtual Casino, and VR Soccer. A review of Dragon Force is up for your perusal. Bug Too! is out...the game itself its disappointingly very much unchanged since the first one. Bottom line: If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. If not, rent it first or look for another game. A review should be available within a week.

In the past week, there have been many rumors regarding the Saturn 2 or possible hardware upgrades for the console version of VF3. As it stands, Sega has no plans for a system to replace the Saturn any time soon. However, just as the PSX may get some sort of upgrade to handle Tekken 3, the Saturn may also get some sort of add on for VF3. Sega seems pretty confident that they will be able to port Model 3 based games to the Saturn, as they have announced that a Saturn version of Super Car is in the works. If there is an upgrade lets hope they handle it well. VF3 as a pack in would be a most excellent selling point in Japan, but in the US we may need a little more than that. Further Model 3 ports can only enhance the probability and success of such an upgrade.

In other parts of dEX, I have added a couple of new programs...mIRC 4.7, CuteFTP 1.8, RealAudio 3.0 and CRT 1.14 Final. CuteFTP 1.8 fixes several bugs from the previous version and adds a few new features to make life easier. mIRC 4.7 adds little extras such as color, bold, and support for other text effects. But the best new feature is a little 'taskbar' on the bottom which allows much quicker switching between windows.

As usual, see dEX for more info! That's all this week folks, see ya in 7!


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