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Newsletter from 12-08-96
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Hello dEX Users!

This week, most of the updates have taken place in the Sega Saturn area. First off, two new games are out: Bug Too!, and Space Jam. Early opinions of Bug Too! are generally positive. The game itself is basically the same. Though, now you can choose from 3 characters, as well as run and glide (when in air). The levels are somewhat smaller (whew) and the textures have been beefed up a little. No info on Space Jam. There is also a review of Dragon Force, an RPG ported by Working Designs. Also, new pictures from Fighters Megamix, Dead or Alive, and Last Bronx have been added to the Snapshots area. Psygnosis and THQ are in the final stages of negotiating a deal: THQ will have publishing rights for Saturn versions of certain Psygnosis titles. This could be good or bad...if THQ gets only the right to publish, that is package and distribute the games, fine. But if THQ will be re-writing the games for the Saturn, then its not so good. I have yet to see one decent THQ game ever, they are in the big and crappy company category. Much, much worse than Acclaim. Finally, Sega has announced that Saturn hardware sales have increased 500% while software sales have gone up 400%. Sega attributes this jump to their 3-pack, and many great new titles out this holiday season. Over 1 million Saturns have been sold in the US so far, 3.7 million in Japan, as for Europe, I am not sure but they are probably close to US sales.

That's all this week, see ya!


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