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Newsletter from 12-01-96
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Hello dEX Users!

This week has been a rather disappointing week in the way of news etc. A PR contact disappeared, and a few reviews that were supposed to come in never did. But, I have managed to add a few things to dEX.

In the Saturn area, a several more games are out. Highlights include: Machinehead by Eidos, NHL '97 by EA, and Virtua Cop 2 from Sega. From the looks of it so far, it seems that EA has done a good job bringing their sports line to the 32-bit world. But, the new graphics don't warrant any real reason to upgrade if you own a previous version. Hopefully EA will follow Sega's lead and completely re-vamp their whole sports line. VC2 has been receiving most positive reviews as expected. No word on Eidos' Machinehead. In other news, initial surveys show that people are very much interested in an Internet capable console such as the Saturn/NetLink combo. The NetLink is a 28.8k modem add-on for the Saturn which lets you do all the normal net activities such as e-mail, web browsing etc. but perhaps the most exciting prospect is online gaming with your Saturn. More news when some NetLink capable games arrive.

This week I've added several new software titles, and plan to add more when I have the time. Programs include, a new version of the telnet client CRT, and a great HTML editor, HomeSite. Both are shareware.

That's all this week, I'd have more to say, but after writing a 1200 word essay, I don't feel like doing much work....c-ya next week!


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