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Newsletter from 11-17-96
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Hello dEX Users!

First off, I apologize for the duplicate sending of the newsletter last week. A mail system error caused the delivery to time-out, which then left me to resend everything. I'll try to make sure it doens't happen again!

This has been an unusually quiet week for the Saturn, no new games out (in the US), no major announcements... Across the Pacific, Virtua Cop 2 is out. Initial reports are highly positive. As expected its a most excellent port, also the stunner is slightly changed in appearance. Also, in level three you are able to pick your path, something not found in the arcade (previously only in level 1 and 2).

Don't worry, this week hasn't been left to shame, for I've completely re-designed the dEX interface, doing away with the frames and basing the new menu system on tables. It does slow loading/parsing time a bit, but I think the extra second is worth it. The slowdown is most noticeable on the Nowout page for the Saturn, at other parts of dEX, extra load time is insignificant...I hope you like what I've done....

'tis all for this week, l8trz..


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