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Newsletter from 11-09-96
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Hello dEX Users,

This week there are a few new things that I've updated, all in the Saturn area (up to this point in the weekend). First off there are two new games out fort the Saturn: Grid Runner, and the long awaited Virtual On. While there has been a mystery surrounding the possbility of a two-joystick controller like the one in the Arcade version, Sega now plans to ONLY sell the special VON controller direct. In the US call 1-800-SEGA-USA, or you can check Sega's web page for more info (not avail on the page at the moment it seems). There are also two new Saturn games reviewed this week: Street Fighter Alpha 2, and an import shooter, Batsugun. Both games are very good, see dEX for the full review. On a final note, the NetLink is now in stores, unfortunately there are few (if any) titles that can use the NetLink at this moment. Some promising titles include: Mech Warrior 2, Mega Bomberman, and Sega Rally NetLink Ed. (early '96).

I have little else to say this week, so see ya in seven days!


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