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Newsletter from 11-02-96
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Hello dEX users!

First news concerning the future of the one year anniversary of dEX approaches, I've decided to redesign portions of dEX to make it easier to browse etc. The changes should be implemented by the end of the month.

This week I've made several updates to the Saturn area, here goes...First off, there are a few new games out for the Saturn this week: Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Fighting Vipers. SFA2 is a most excellent port of the arcade version. Load time is fairly quick and there are many extras not found in the arcade version nor the Sony PSX version such as a library of over 100 character sketches. The Saturn Net-Link is also available in some areas now. The Net-Link is a 28.8 modem that can be used for internet access, web-browsing and online games. Currently there aren't any games that support Net-Link online gaming, but many are going to be out soon. Including a Net-Link capable version of the Net-Link, and maybe even the US release of Bomberman! I've also updated the Snapshots area...there you will find images from Sega's Nights: X-Mas edition which will come with selected magazines. See dEX for the full story. Lastly, I've updated the Release Dates area, it goes up to January. Because the farther off a projected release is, the more likely it will change.

That's all for this week, cya!


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