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Newsletter from 10-27-96
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Hello dEX Users!

Ok, its not I'm a little late again. Well, for the past few weeks I have been considering several things about the future of dEX. Currently the textual data is around 500k and growing. I have been considering a non-frames version of dEX for frames haters or for people who aren't frame capable. Another possibility is the total elimination of frames from dEX. At this point I have decided to keep duplicate versions so the users will have a choice. I'm not sure when the changes will be made, but probably within a month. Another possibility is the creation of a database driven version of dEX to make updates easier, and more frequent. Unfortuntely this won't happen for a while (if ever) because of the expense of the software (starts at 600$).

In the Saturn arena, there are two new reviews available: WorldWide Soccer '97, and Tetris Plus. I can say that WWS '97 is a huge improvement over the previous version and that graphically its great. See dEX for the whole review. A new Saturn game that is out this week is Loaded. the game has been out for months in Europe and has finally made it here. Though the game is almost identical to the PSX version, the repetitive mindless action makes it pretty boring. Its sad to see that it (PSX version) got such high reviews just for the graphics and not the gameplay. I'd say its another game to pass up. Not many new screen shots have been made available to me in the past week so that's about all the info I have. Oh, one last thing: EA has gotten exclusive rights for Blizzards PC titles such as Warcraft 2 and Diablo. The games will appear on the current next-gen platforms.

In the Grey Matter area, I've opened a new sub-section: Blurbs. This area is full of random quotes and other things that have been though of in the past. I plan to add some more once I collect my thoughts.

Finally, another thing I have been thinking of is the daily or almost daily updates of dEX. Mainly the Saturn area. If so, this is what will happen: I'll update it whenever necessary, and the newsletter will inform you of the updates that have occurred over the past week. This all depends on the amount of time I have free. So keep coming back!


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