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Newsletter from 10-12-96
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Hello dEX Users!

This week I've updated several parts of the Sega Saturn area, as well as adding a few new programs to the Software area. If you're using a frames enabled browser, you'll also notice a change in the dEX interface/menu system. I hope you like it. If you're using Netscape Navigator 3.0 or MS IE 3.0, even better, as the new system uses borderless frames. If you're not using a frames enabled browser, and upgrading isn't possible, don't worry. I plan to create a non-frames version for you and people who just don't like frames. Those pages will be table based. If you use Lynx or GNU Emacs in WWW mode, sorry but those browsers are just too old.

This week in the Saturn area, there are several new things. There are two new reviews: Three Dirty Dwarves, an excellent side scroller, and Strikers 1945, a great shooter from Japan. Machinehead, Tomb Raider, and Daytona USA: CCE are now featured in the Snapshots area. On to the news....Sega has announced a new lower software price base, see dEX for the full story. in other news, I have a PR release that talks about the various features of Machinehead. Finally, a new Saturn game is out this week (taking a deep breath): Ironman/XO Man O' War In Heavy Metal from Acclaim. This one is a platformer (sigh), won't Acclaim ever learn?

In the Software area, I've added Hot Dog Pro v3.0 and CuteFTP v1.7. See the Software: New section for full info, and download sites.

That's all I have to say this week, until next time. Cya!


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