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Newsletter from 10-06-96
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Hello dEX Users,

This week I've made lots of changes with the internal structure of dEX. This includes changing all files from .htm to .html. I've also taken advantage of SSI, and automated the dates for when an area was last updated. Unfortunately there is a problem with the server and this doesn't work for the Saturn, Grey Matter, and Software areas. Instead there is an error message as follows:

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

I apologize for this and will try to have the problem fixed ASAP...on to what's new...

This week I've added some pictures from Blazing Heroes 2, and Tohshinden: URA, the latter pics were taken from the Video Source ( New for the Saturn is Braindead 13, a cinematic, action/reaction game (yawn). Mechwarrior 2 is going to showing up on the Saturn in 1997. The game takes advantage of extensive light-sourcing and gouraud shading.

The game places the player inside one of several different mechs, where he must then complete various missions. Activision says Mechwarrior will support the Sega NetLink as well as the forthcoming link-up cable. The game will include the original missions from MW2, as well as 16 new missions.

Scavenger has also signed on with Sega to release Amok, and Schorcher for the Saturn. Visit dEX for more info. Most likely this was the work of former Sony exec, Bernie Stolar. Kudos to him.

That's about all I have to say this week, I hope to make more updates soon, currently though I am quite bogged down with school work. Look for several new programs on the software area soon though.


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