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Newsletter from 09-28-96
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Hello dEX User,

Welcome again to the dEX Newsletter. This week only a few changes have been made at dEX.

Three new games are out this week for the Saturn: Madden NFL '97, Three Dirty Dwarves, and Casper. After a year long delay, EA has released Madden '97 for the Saturn. The name alone ensures a high quality product. The main quetion is whether the game is a significant impovement over the only previous 32-bit Madden on the 3DO. This week, SegaSoft brings Three Dirty Dwarves. This game has been called a classic beat 'em up game. From those who have played preliminary versions, reports have been positive. Casper, by Interplay is out, and I'm not really sure what type of game it is. Perhaps I'll remember later...

Across the Pacific Ocean, Toshinden URA for the Saturn is making the rounds in the fighting genre. If you don't know already, TSD: URA is a special series of TSD games created exclusively for the Sega Saturn by Takara. After the horrid conversion of the original TSD, Takara has started over from scratch and released a game that is 100% improved of the previous. Graphically speaking the game is excellent. I'm told the graphics are crisp, and fairly smooth. I'd have to say the quality is just about one notch below that of VF2. The gameplay itself is very good if you found TSD itself somewhat entertaining. I'd say try it at a local import shop before making your decision.

If you have (or rented) any of the games above, feel free to send me your opinion. Reviews are welcome, but be sure to follow the general format of other dEX reviews. If you have any questions please e-mail me at:

That's about it for this weeks dEX Newsletter. Thanks for supporting dEX.

Till next time


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