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Newsletter from 09-21-96
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Hello dEX user,

This week I've added several things. In the Sega Saturn area, there's a review of Fighting Vipers, 3 new games are out, and I've updated the snapshots section. Be sure to check out the Soviet Strike pics, because they look great. Reports from ECTS: Those who've played Virtual On say it looks great, and is slightly lower resolution than the arcade, but otherwise another excellent conversion. The game itself controls quite well with the standard Saturn pad.

New software this week includes the first public beta of the RealAudio 3.0 codec. Let me tell you, its hot. On a 28.8k line one gets FM quality stereo sound. On 64k ISDN or better one gets near CD quality audio. In the 64k ISDN stereo encoding, it takes just 5kb of space per second, thats 1 hour or audio in an 18MB file. Compare that to MPEG3 audio which is about 1MB per minute. The RA3.0 player is currently available for Windows 95/NT based Pentuims, and for the PowerMac, Unix versions will follow shortly. For more info, check our software area.

Currently I'm debating whether to add a frames only version of dEX, if I do, it will take lots of work. At this point it won't come for a while, as I am very busy with school. Perhaps over Thanksgiving or Winter break I will do the update.

Welp, that about wraps it up this week. Until next time! Cya!


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