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Title: SoA Marketing Lays out 1999

The following is a summary of a presentation prepared by Sega of America Marketing, and released on March 5, 1999. It outlines things done in 1998 from a marketing stand point, and outlines Sega's strategy for 1999 including the Dreamcast release.

Situation Analysis
  • Media still focused on negativity surrounding the Saturn days
  • Competitors making lots of noise with ther hardware/software on shelves
  • It's a prove it year with Dreamcast
  • SOA Management team an unknown entity
  • Limited in what we an communicate in a demonstratable way - launch 18 months away
  • Reliance on Japan - they're telling our story
  • Winter '98 Media Audit
  • Audit of top hard core gamer, consumer media, and analysts
  • Where to you Sega is going in the future?
    • "If the new system is everything I've heard about, I expect Sega to slap Nintendo and compete with Sony" - GameFan Magazine
    • "Dreamcast will be all they need. They will once again be competitve." -Syndicated gaming journalist, Steve Kant
    • "Sega's biggest challenege will be to keep consumers aware of its brand until the new console's arrival." - David Cole, DFC Intelligence

Target Audiences
  • Tier 1: Core gaming and trade outlets
    • Analysts, gamer books, gamer online, retail trades, developer pubs
  • Tier 2: Gamer/Technology consumer & business outlets
    • Business, syndicated reviewers, TV, online, select consumer publications
  • Tiar 3: Mass cunsumer outlets
    • Mass market print, radio, TV, online
  • Tier 4: Direct Consumers
    • Current 2 million Saturn owners in US
    • Owners of other video game systems and PC
    • Primarily males aged 18-34

  • Position Bernie Stolar as a key player who will bring Sega back
  • Postition Dreamcast as the ultimate videogame console and a "must have" product for '99
  • Reinforce that Sega is an important brand and still a force to be reckoned with in the industry
  • Demonstate that Sega is on track for the U.S. launch in 1999

  • Raise Bernie Stolar's profile with analysts and press
  • Build incredible buzz and anticipation for Dreamcast and its technology
  • Leverage consumer and media enthusiasm for Dreamcast and their loyalty to Sega
  • Demonstrate that Sega has learned from the past and won't relive it with Dreamcast
  • Conteract all negativity, rumors

Key Messages
  • Dreamcast is the ultimate videogame console; a "must have" for 1999
  • Sega has learned from the apst and its management team has what it takes to bring them back
  • Sega is on track for their launch in the U.S. in 1999

  • No corporate story
  • E3: Press Conference and Demos
    • AP photo pick-up by 60 papers -- Bernie was everywhere
    • Dreamcast featured in all E3 stories including Wall Street Journal, NY Times, SF Examiner, CNN, BizWeek
  • Gamers Day Jr.
    • Coverage resulted immediately with all top online gaming sites and gaming books
  • Ongoing Gamer and Analyst Phone Briefings with Bernie
    • Heightened awareness for Bernie, helped continue ths stream of Bernie coverage
  • Holiday Mailing, Q4 Follow-Up
  • Technology Power Demos
  • Sega Spud Dive

Post Media Audit -- Jan '99

What are your perceptions about Sega as a company?

  • "Sega is doing a better job. People at retail are psyched." Christian Svensson, MCV Magazine
  • "They make great games and can make a great comebacck" - Jim Loftus, Tips & Tricks
  • "Sega did well with the media...good job on getting the hype" - Gary Walk, Entertainment Weekly
  • "I'm not conting them out yet," Sean McGowan, Gerard Klauer

Coporate Outline
  • Heighten awareness of management team:
    • GDC Keynote/dinner
    • Next generation rountable interview
    • Bernie interviews for E3 issues
    • Mgt. team involvement in gamers' days, product launches, events
  • Revive the Sega corporate Story
  • Funatical Brand events

Product: Hardware
  • Product of the year campaign:
    • Toy Fair briefings - 35 media including Rosie O'Donnel Show, AP, Time, Sports Illustrated
    • Reviewer program - Seedings with 200+ media
    • Media Tours
    • Launch event
    • Heavy holidy push
    • Consumer awareness and surveys
    • Retail milestone announcements, sell in, frenzy, and pre-order campaign

Product: Software
  • Gamer Book Support:
    • Previews, reviews, features, covers, producer interviews
    • Football exclusive already planned for Next Generation's E3 issue
    • Dreamcast/Sonic cover secured with Game Fan for E3 Issue
    • Ongoing media tours, events with gamer books
    • Pre E3 teasers for Sonic, VF3tb, and Football
  • Game of the Year Campaign:
    • Primary focus: Sonic, Football
    • Pre E3 videos, teaser e-mails, AVIs
    • Pre E3 media tour to secure show coverage
    • Summer holiday demos for long leads
    • Fun, buzz creating plans against each title that will incorporate media relations, online contests, consumer events, creative mailings, media tours

Other Strategic/Tactical Activity
  • Ongoing messaging
  • Ongoing competitive research
  • Retailer summit support
  • Technology and third party outreach board
  • Consumer funatics events, Spud Dive, contests, consumer trials
  • Dreamcast launch activity - events, contests, media blitz
  • Holiday '99 support against hardware and all games

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